How to use CatoPro

How to use CatoPro: It’s super simple.

On the home page click “start chat” or in the drop-down menu, click “chat bot”.

A white screen will appear. In the text box, type any word to wake Cato up. Once you receive a reply, enter very specific information. For example, you don’t want to type “the effects of long term use of synthetic testosterone”. There are unnecessary words in that phrase. You would simply say “effects synthetic testosterone”. Remember, CatoPro finds you peer reviewed, scholarly articles.

Once you submit the info, you’ll be asked for your email address. Wait 15 minutes, and VOILA! You should receive an email will lots of useful information for you to read about.

Any questions? Contact us via our contact form, and one of our research team members will reply within 48 hours.

Happy searches!

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